We will show you the different measures you will find in our campsite to fight against COVID 19 in these health and economic consequences.

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They are open. If a new lockdown or other measures related to COVID19 prevent you from honouring your reservation, we will offer you a credit note. If not, we recommend our Camp Out cancellation insurance, which has included a COVID risk in its insurance terms and conditions! What to book serenely…( link with general conditions )


upon your arrival. If you see that the reception is busy, please wait outside, a disinfection station is at your disposal to disinfect your hands. Preferably Only one person per family must go home. The mask is mandatory in the reception. We disinfect the counter between each passage.

During your stay, we took measures to protect the risks:
Multiple disinfections of meeting points (sanitary, swimming pool), with always a disinfectant at your disposal and especially in the sanitary if you want to disinfect the surface before using a toilet. Soap is always less than 3 metres from the wash basins. Hydro-alcoholic gel is available at all meeting points.
The mask is imposed only in confined spaces (ex: reception).
Social distancing (at least one meter) is imposed. Please respect it.

At the pool, we disinfect each morning the deckchairs, and are at your disposal disinfectants that you can use to put back a shot of disinfectant before you settle in. A systematic shower is requested.

For the snack, we disinfect the tables before each service. Attention only one service is possible, we do not tighten after. The tables are separated by the distance imposed. We do not accept groups of more than 8 people. However, “door-to-door” service is preferred.

Animation: Our animators are trained to respect the recommended sanitary measures of the disinfection stations are provided at the children’s club.

Accommodation: Your accommodation has been renettoyé(e) by us, with approved virucidal products, and has also been well aerated(e). We count on you to air out on departure. Please leave the key to your accommodation on the front door before departure. Departures will be mandatory before 10am as we must observe a certain time of «confinement» before the next customer. Please put your sheets and pillowcases outside on the table preferably